Month: May 2017

Reunite Debts: Debt Problems

One of the biggest problems of modern society is over-indebtedness of households. This is due to a huge increase in the price of flats and interest rates make mortgage payments up to the limit, which implies that all parties intended at times the monthly salary payment of financial obligations. To this is added the loan of the car, card receipts, credit for the purchase of household appliances. All this means that families often can not reach the end of the month on their salaries, which can ultimately lead to the seizure or auction house. Click Expert on growth strategy to learn more. The solution to this problem is the reunification of debts, which is to consolidate all outstanding debts into one loan rate mortgage, usually at a lower interest rate (resulting in savings), resulting in a much lower monthly fee, but extending the length of repayment.

In this way families can get better off to make ends meet. The resulting credit may even exceed the amount of any debt, which the customer must pay the costs of the operation. A reunification of debts is a salvation alternative face repossession or auction property. With this solution we must be careful because if our economic conditions change favorably the consumerism that can take us over the years, we continue to owe the bank the same amount of money before (a loan for a new car, home furnishing , credit for the trip to the Caribbean, etc). It is advisable that before going to sign a transaction of this type, it should expose the bank to our problem and ask for an extension of mortgage, to cancel all outstanding debts. Usually continue to pay our mortgage but the repayment period extended it.

Rental Housing

Market rental housing in Orenburgenachal gradually stabilize. In the first place as evidenced by the decline in growth in rental rates from 20-25% in 2004 to 10-12% in 2006. According to experts, this is due to several factors: change in the ratio between the dollar and the euro appreciation of the materials for repairs and the rising cost of utility bills. In addition, a few years ago return of the apartment lease was no more than 10-12 years, today due to the growth in house prices this period increased to 20-25 years. The movement to stabilize over the past few years, growth in rental rates for apartments in the Orenburg? Seriously slowed down, which is not the cost of growth square meter. This is explained by the fact that handed over apartments is available now as a business, and is considered only as temporary housing, while the tenant is always seeking to purchase their own homes. 'This year, in connection with a significant rise in price of real estate significantly decreased the profitability of rental housing.

Thus, in her words, the yield from rental to market changes without decreased to 4-4.5% per annum, which makes Apartments for rent lease is not so profitable delom.Krome order to solve the housing problems of today, there are many different tools. "Today was more actively used in mortgage lending program, was growing segment of consumer lending and so on. In other words, our people began to realize that it is possible to live in debt, but today and in comfort. "According to experts in this market, people of middle income who can not buy a house and forced him to shoot out, after accumulating a sum unlikely to want to pay big money to purchase a house in Orenburg – they certainly make their choice in favor of the suburbs. This is another reason why the rental rates on the dynamics of growth is unlikely to catch up with the 'purchase meters', although, of course, prices will rise. 'The main change in the market can be called a slowdown in rental rates with 20-25% in 2004 to 10-12% in 2006. The growth in rental rates due to increased cost of housing sales, a change in the relation between the dollar and the euro appreciation of materials for repair, the rising cost of utility bills. " Rent practice is estimated that two-bedroom apartments remain leaders in the structure of supply in August, they accounted for 38% of the market rent.

However, the most popular among the tenants are studio apartments. 'This segment of demand exceeding supply by more than two times. Thus, still remain the most popular low-cost studios kvartiry.Igroki market are predicting that in the near future shortage of apartments for rent, especially in economy class segment to continue, given that the large influx of investment apartments in the rental market is not planned. This is due to the fact that not all so-called investment flats may take right away. 'Part of the investment apartments are under construction, part – repaired. According to my estimates, about half of these flats will be offered for lease. However, their number is unlikely to satisfy demand, especially in this segment, as the economy class.