Month: April 2012

Microbial Community

To help cope with the intensive nature of pollution in places of public accommodation of people, scientists began to use natural organisms involved in self-purification of soil and water from the excesses of undecomposed organic matter, nutrients and pathogens, the most adapted to the nature of the extraction energy from organic and nutrient components of various waste: feces, manure, grease, petroleum products. Scientific work in this direction is to select a synergistic community of species isolated from soil natural micro-organisms most hygienic and environmentally effective for removal and disposal of organic waste for indicators: the rate of reduction of the waste, oxidation, humification, cleaning waste of compounds of nitrogen and phosphorus, accelerating death of putrid, potentially dangerous, and pathogens of humans and domestic animals (microbial self-purification), the destruction of odors. Composed in such a Microbial Community introduced a way to places of intense pollution for providing numerical superiority over the putrefactive and potentially dangerous microorganisms. Breeding in waste and using organic and fecal nutrients as a source of useful microorganisms activity due to its numerical superiority destroy putrefactive and potentially dangerous flora, thus providing a hygienic and environmentally efficient process for waste disposal. Zaryaznenie reworking the fullest, if not received a new portion of waste, useful microorganisms do not die but fall into a state of suspended animation, and only if prolonged absence of power supply cut its population by 50%, while the latter 50% of the population turn into disputes, to return to active life in the case of restoration of the old conditions.

Natural Wall

In addition, PVC-coated plates of mdf can be performed under the natural wood, marble, etc. A special kind of wall panels are so-called "acoustic panels, made of fibrous materials (eg, mineral or glass staple fiber). They are indispensable for the device soundproofed rooms, such as meeting rooms, libraries, etc. For facing the dressing rooms and offices, such as kitchens and chill-outs, it is convenient to use panels of rigid pvc or vinyl siding. They are very durable, non-inflammable and moisture resistant.

The panels are waterproof, even in the joints, and very easily cleaned and disinfected. Installation of wall panels is extremely technologically, does not require much time and high skills. The easiest option is to mount a bearing wall with glue (liquid nails). But civilized approach involves mounting panels klyammerami (mounting brackets) to crate (wooden or metal profile). This method allows the fixture to the wall perfectly smooth. Essentially rebukes mounting wall panels of the presence of special ridges and grooves (the system "Lock-latch") to significantly reduce the time and achieve a surface with no visible gaps. According to specialists, thanks to such technologies for a working day can be mounted more than 100 m2 wall panels.

A new dimension to even the most perfect form of floors, ceilings and walls does not mean the triumphant end of repair and rehabilitation of office. Space formed by these vertical and horizontal planes for a comfortable employee must still correctly structured. Should divide work areas, classrooms and meeting rooms leadership, finally, places for recreation – in short, to optimize not ideal accommodation for specific tasks.

Multimedia Features

As you turn the phone just hours simkartu and paste, the display is not a great demonstration of some features of the phone. It is very colorful and easy to understand, you should watch it completely, as if you have any questions then it can all be found and have all the answers. If you do not want to watch it, then you are invited, if you have questions use the more complex and detailed textual instruction. Next on the pop-up clock, which can be exchanged for others a slight touch of finger scrolling in all directions across the screen apparatus. If you scroll in a horizontal direction, we encounter the main items of the main menu.

The first item needed to make voice and video calls – both by means of keyboard, or by searching the phone book. The second menu contains all the other abilities – SMS messages, contacts, settings and so on. The menu item is very similar to the contacts, so that was placed in a regular phone – then you can make a new contact, zanesya to the list of numbers to find the desired subscriber numbers, make a group and set a speed dial number. Phone book up to 1000 contacts, each of which can make a few phone numbers, contact name, address, E-mail. mail, give date of birth, number, address accommodation and other appropriate times. Moreover, as in conventional phones this watch mobile phone subscriber can assign a photo to be displayed during the call, and assign certain music.


However, scientists did not rush out and continued to seek more evidence about the age of Samarkand. Their efforts were unsuccessful. In particular, in recent years, during excavations on the site, Afrosiab in deep water in the basement of the city wall were discovered shapeless bricks (so called "guvalya"), which date from the end of VIII, the beginning of the VII century BC. At the base of the wall is reached in five to seven meters in width. These and other facts were given a perfectly good reason to suppose that at that time there have been city, rather than temporary accommodation. Otherwise, why such a powerful defensive structure? Additional arguments were found and are related to time, fragments of crockery, household containers of large capacity, painted pottery. The finds were sent to France where he was made the most progressive – radiokarbonny analysis of the fragments, the results of which led to the conclusion that the Samarkand 2700-2800 years. Note that since 1997, when scientists were ready to officially announce that the 2750 Samarkand years, ten years of additional research.

As we see, to its current anniversary of Samarkand did not come suddenly. This is the result of hard work of several generations of scientists for decades. The results of research specialists and archaeologists as to the age of Samarkand today no one in the world is not in doubt. This is evidenced by the fact that the 2750th anniversary of the ancient city celebrated under the auspices of a respected international organizations such as UNESCO.