Month: September 2010

Financial Crisis and Housing

Trade the USD Today’s financial crisis intensifies Can the federal government continues tripping The volumes fell sharply in the beginning of the session Night view high volatility is estimated The dollar will probably weaken All For Tuesday times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 8:30 am, the USD Core CPI m / m 8:30 am, the USD CPI m / m 9:00 am, the USD TIC Net Long-Term Transactions 10:00 am, Paulson , U.S. Treasury Secretary speak 1:00 pm, the USD NAHB Housing Market Index 2:15 pm, the FOMC statement 2:15 pm, American interest rates Summary Today was a notable day in the market most Wall Street shares tumbled, given the prevailing panic by the crisis of Lehman Bros. Bank, and the speculation surrounding the insurance giant AIG. The question is, “the Fed will be involved?”. It is noteworthy that a barrel of oil reached the area of $ 100, and ended the day at the $ 95 area. Analysts welcomed the drop in oil, but would have to see to what extent is a financial panic liquidation. The greenback suffered great volatility during the last 24 hours, and greater volatility will continue, as they continue negotiations behind closed doors to rescue the financial market.

At day’s end, the greenback saw mixed results, was observed against the GBP and the EURO, but lost ground against the Yen and Swiss Franc. After the panic and settlements in Asia, the dollar then stabilized, and trade in narrow ranges during the New York session. Operating volumes were low and await more economic data to be published. The maximum record book in the area of 1.8130 overnight, and then fell in the area of 1.7900 during the day, it is estimated that the GBP will continue with short-term volatility. The Euro recovered during the Asian session and reached highs in the 1.4482 area, and then fell, ending day in the area of 1.4200 in New York after minimum in the zone of 1.4083, as the panic spreads.

Following speculation that the Fed will cut interest rates tomorrow, helped keep the greenback. In my view, what happened today in the market and the volatility seen, occurs every 25 years. Operators should use this volatility wisely, but if the financial crisis continues, must be cautious. It is advisable to buy GBP and EUROS lower, the USD will remain in low especially against the JPY in my opinion. For more information go to

Housing Investment in Venezuela

Without investment Venezuela foreign end collapsing. “The Gorilla Hugo Chavez, will do the same as the former Soviet Union, China … resort to filthy foreign capital? “It will start to negotiate with transnational cursed and hates and criticizes both? Chile is a friendly country of India, has signed an FTA and we are partners with them on many projects and United States.Estados is also our partner, as this will also China and the European Union. Peruvians lot we owe to countries like Spain that our country has invested in 10,000 million euros, 216 million dollars Chile, Mintzer Group-USA is willing to invest 200 million dollars in infrastructure and housing in our country. We can not, nor should we be ungrateful with the Spanish, Chileans and Americans, we must join them, strengthening ties of friendship, economic, foreign trade, combating terrorism and threats to private investment, they have done in our country. We must respect the agreements, contracts, and show we are a country reliable, committed to the brotherhood of all countries of the world, not the divisiveness that promotes the gorilla Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales restaurant waiter. Therefore, the Peruvians do not have to worry about, because we have secured the future, we will sell gas to Chile, the United States, Mexico, which guarantees foreign exchange awfully years, inexhaustible love of minerals, animals and plants that we have and which holding may negotiate without bail, while respecting the rights of our peoples.

Guinea Pig Accommodations

Guinea pigs are kept in many homes. Unfortunately, many of these guinea pigs are not kept under appropriate conditions. Guinea pigs do not want to live in individual housing. It should be at least two, better three pigs are kept together. Three or four little pigs, a eunuch to be there. Which provides, among others that there is no dispute among your pigs. Furthermore, the guinea pigs have enough space, at least 0.5 square meters per pig.

Many guinea pig lovers have built their animals a beautiful large self-made. This looks a lot nicer than a stable. There is no such a pig as it villa on the side of the guinea pig seen. Finally, the pigs get enough daily fodder and hay. Now and again a bit dry, but not too much, as this makes quick thick. There are many different breeds of guinea pigs, with this curly pig, long-haired pigs, which uses Shorthair pigs, etc. in various colors. Those who decide for breeding, should, however, prior information thoroughly.

On the Internet, to a lot of information. In the guinea pig breeders and enthusiasts, it often happens that they have a homepage that they devote their animals. An interesting side even lead a guinea pig webcam, which is definitely worth a visit. The Guinea Pig Cam shows a view of the way, love guinea pigs decorated villa. If this makes you want to buy a guinea pig should contact a breeder’s best to look at the best times on the Internet or in the newspaper, where often many ads. Cost is around 5-25 Eur per pet, depending on whether it is a lover or a sow. However, one must not forget that an animal will be fed well and also a vet visit will cost on average about 25 Eur.

House Decorations

The study of the decoration, it has now become an excellent option for both profitable and fun, besides being a race can become a way of life. People who wish to begin studies of the decoration must have certain capabilities, such as creativity, organization of spaces, a broad knowledge of fashion trends, color and location, not to mention good taste for the location of the decorative aspects. The study of interior decoration and design is based on the proper placement of decorative elements to take advantage of every space, besides taking into account factors such as site and contemporary fashion, so as to return a rustic space or normal in a very comfortable . Like all the races this of course is not easy, and those who study it must be in constant development with respect to the design theme, tastes and trends that are rotated, that is an important and difficult as it is a continuously evolution, also the main part of the development and proper performance in the race. A person who studies decoration is able to function properly in areas such as: 1. Design work sectors, industrial, hotel, housing and banking. 2. Also at the advice in the construction of new occupational trends.

3. Into teaching with respect to the decorative theme. 4. To contribute to the search for new materials and textures to decorate spaces such as office or living room. Whether the occupational profile of someone who studies contemporary decor mimic aspects, focusing in environments such as those already mentioned, in order to create a source of rest and home or work environments more conditioned and exciting to get the visual stimulation and even creativity. Today the decoration has been considered a method of increasing relaxation, as the Spaces properly can bring visual comfort and aid in a large percentage to de-stres. areas of the decoration and interior alignment and location of fountains, plants and textured rustic art make their way as more decorative methods currently used, have the peculiarity that these materials are increasingly used natural and less artificial. The study of the decoration is leading today is the way of conservation, to think more and more on the reuse of non-degradable materials like plastics and even more the use of plants as the main component of all decorations. The decoration is shown as a reflection of contemporary life, as our society is based on new forms and trends when sites such as housing or office, it is likely that the decoration was established as a singular image of life in the future and maybe more will be the beginning of a visual display of what can happen in terms of establishment of spaces and new options for decoration is concerned, a cavity forms will ever imagine.

Real Estate Tenant Rights

The rental or lease of property, land, local or home is one of the main commercial activities carried out today, however, due to the great popularity enjoyed by this process is proper to refer to a number of very important rights granted to tenants for the benefit of the same, hence in the following article we will focus on showing some of the most important rights. The lessee is the person who by signing a contract temporarily acquires a property, this property can be categorized into goods or services in exchange for this character possess that property must give the landlord a certain amount of money stipulated periods earlier in the contract. Tenants by the change of money for property are benefiting from certain rights, which are provide you with a temporal power over the property, some of these rights are: When the property is delivered to the tenant it should be in perfect condition in areas as important as public services and infrastructure. The characteristics of the property or property described in the contract as the nomenclature, the boundaries and whether the physical characteristics, must be equal to the real (physical) otherwise it would breach the contract and walk to finish or cancel it. The tenant has the right to tell you directly what kind of use may give the property.

It is important to mention that this also depends directly on the type of contract which is already on the tenant, because the existence of the contract for urban housing or commercial service directly responsible to limit any activity other than that not included in the contract. The landlord is obligated to provide to the lessee all copies of the keys of both access to the property as closets and doors that are in the same, that in order to jealously guard the privacy and integrity of the tenant. The lessee has the right to remain in the property or property until the date shown in the contract, however in case of abuse or violation by the tenant may terminate the contract. The lessee has the right of retention, which indicates that it can appropriate the property for a specified time or deducted from the amount stated in the contract a certain value, if it performed infrastructural improvements to property and the landlord does not recognize that value . The lessee has the right to notice, which is very useful to indicate the date on which it will be banished from the property or to indicate when it has reached the limit of the contract. Although currently there are other rights mentioned above are some of the most important factors to take into account by the lessee when getting a property or building.

Interest Rate and Housing

I think the interest rate factor is of great importance in the housing market, but as with everything in life, is not unique. I even dare to propose the idea that in fact not the principal. In my experience in recent field study on the evolution of the real estate sector in the last six months, I noticed that rising rates are more affected owners who already have a mortgage, since it is in periods of review raises its fee and may “drown” the customer whether the transaction in its day was very fair or if the customer’s financial circumstances have altered downwards. In this way I believe in a higher incidence of rates on the decline in sales (11% so far this year) and economic environment. By this I mean that in the first place, now house prices days are not in line with the purchasing power of households (overvalued), this added to the low rates of interest that we have not supported the savings that customers do not have own funds to finance part of the price , so that mortgages should go up very high amounts can not meet with market shares (expected to Euribor at 4.75 at the end of the year). And second, is expected to slowdown in the rise in housing prices for the coming years, and current rates, is becoming unattractive investment in brick, by the uncertainty of prices and terms of capital liquidity invested. Thus investors (large motor sales market not so long ago), hamper or even paralyze their new investment in housing (mostly amateur, those with money to developers played by the inertia of the moment .) This theme would for a very long debate and many magnitudes that should be studied and taken into account, but I think big traits that could be my opinion.

I hope you keep in mind that no doubt left many things out of great significance and nuances on my opinion that maybe I can not express more precisely. For example, land prices (overrated), municipal taxes (the last 1 year in several Southern U.S. states have lowered fees and taxes associated with construction), adjusted prices of the builder, promoter and fund needed all he had not studied the type of housing and customer in the area (it is anticipated that 60% of developers do not renew amateur experience), although this fortunately, more and more professional real estate agents (less than what would be needed) that specializing in management and marketing of new work, whose good work helps to drive down the market to advise all professionals involved.